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If you’re paying AT&T for phone services, you’re definitely paying too much!  And enduring what they call “customer service” on top of that.  We believe in actual customer service around here!

Cole Informatics has decades of “old-school” telephone experience combined with decades of new-age network know-how and can both reduce your costs and improve your experience day to day!

Only one thing is for certain, nothing will ever replace the phone as a critical business communication tool. Traditional telephone carriers are losing business daily while the demand for high-quality business phones and services continues to increase. How does that happen? They just can’t compete with the prices or features that modern phone equipment from ESI, especially when combined with “VoIP” based telephone services from ESI Hosted Services.

On-Premise Digital and IP Phone Systems

ESI on-premise phone systems deliver the best of both “traditional” digital phones and cabling as well as newer IP-based systems for businesses that are best served by placing the phone system “brains” in your office.  From complete digital, complete IP, or hybrid solutions that take advantage of both, Cole Informatics can deliver you a better business phone experience that won’t let you down.

Cloud-Hosted VoIP Phone Systems

Small offices or highly-distributed and mobile work forces can really benefit from not having the equipment housed on-premise.  ESI’s Hosted Phone Services solves this problem completely.  All the features you would expect are here: auto-attendant, voice mail, voice-mail sent as email attachments, call logging and reporting via the website login for your phone, self-management features, and so very much more.  The best part…the phone is included.  ESI “owns” the entire solution so no more pointing fingers at the other vendor or the manufacturer.  All starting at less than $30 a month

SIP Trunks for Any Phone System

Still paying for long distance and special features like caller-ID and call-waiting?  ESI Cloud Services “SIP Trunks” include all calling features and long distance and never give your callers a busy signal!  Imagine a $27/mo phone “line” that includes everything. Still love your office phone system and don’t need to change it?  No problem…we can bring you ESI SIP Trunks anyway to lower your phone bill, but keep your phone numbers as-is.

ESI and Cole Informatics

Cole Informatics is the Certified ESI Reseller in Lexington, TN and have been working with ESI for nearly two decades.  We know them and they know us.  They also know how good we are at serving our clients with their products and services.  That translates to real value for you, day in and day out.

Cole Informatics and ESI can make your business phone problems and bills disappear.  Send us a copy of your latest phone bill for a free analysis…no strings attached.

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