PartnerSAFE Business Continuity Service

If your data or server was suddenly NOT working right, how long would your business be down? What does it cost, really, to be disrupted for a day? A week?

When you have PartnerSAFE Business Continuity Service protecting your business operations, we’ll have you back operating within minutes…literally.  And we prove it every day.

Disasters come in all shapes and sizes. Obviously, we need to prepare for the big disasters like tornados and floods, which can have crippling effects on businesses throughout the area. But it’s the little things that can cause big ripples in our daily workflow. Something as common as accidentally knocking your computer over, a coffee spill that forces you to abruptly shut off power to your devices, or just a simple mistake by an employee deleting the wrong thing which often causes data loss.

Cole Informatics offers PartnerSAFE Backup and Business Continuity to ensure your business has plans and procedures in place to mitigate the risks of natural and man-made disasters:

  • Make a plan focused on RECOVERY in the face of disaster – so everyone in your business knows how to recover your IT and keep working.
  • Back up your OPERATION, not just your data – Imagine losing your house to a tornado, but you have a “copy” of all your belongings…you have to build the house to put them back.  Your IT operations are the same…PartnerSAFE backs up your house and everything in it so it keeps on working the way it was!
  • Keep your backups both in your office and in the cloud – onsite backups for fast recovery from data errors, and offsite backups that keep you protected from anything that could damage onsite equipment.
  • We Personally Test Your Backup Routinely – so there’s no doubt we can RESTORE when you need to when a real disaster happens.
  • PartnerSAFE is an insurance policy against business loss and disruption.  Restoration, if ever needed, is baked into the price you’ve already paid…you won’t get hammered with a bill for requesting a file to be restored or to rebuild your business operations during a disaster.

Start preparing for the inevitable with a business continuity solution that keeps you ready to recover, and Open For Business no matter what.

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