Case Study: Camden Animal Clinic’s Technology System Had Gone to the Dogs

When a rural-based veterinarian hospital’s IT systems proved to be painfully inadequate, Cole Informatics applied the right medicine to get it up and running smoothly

The Camden Animal Clinic specializes in taking good care of our beloved furry little friends. Dogs, cats, rabbits, pocket pets, the Camden, Tenn.-based veterinarian hospital and its nine employees provide a range of healthcare services for animals ranging from preventative medicine to intensive care and hospitalization.

But the rural clinic faced one insufferable challenge it couldn’t cure: it didn’t have a reliable source to come to the rescue when its IT infrastructure started to flat line.

“When we first established our clinic, we hired a student who was working on his thesis at the time. His project was to wire our building and get our IT systems up and running,” explained David Paschall, Head Administrator at Camden Animal Clinic. “However, over time it became apparent there were deficiencies in the setup. The situation required a technology expert. We knew Terry Cole through a mutual acquaintance so we asked him to investigate and determine what needed to be done.”

The situation: On-premise server woes, improper infrastructure wiring, and a lack of regular IT support to address monitoring, data backup, and proactive technology management.

“Terry made his diagnosis in plain language and his proposals to fix our IT systems made perfect sense. The Cole Informatics team went to work without disrupting our business. There was little downtime,” he said. “The transition went smoothly and if an issue arose, they were quick to respond and correct it.”

The Cole Informatics solution: Establish a stable, predictable network environment using Microsoft software, Dell and Lenovo “tiny” workstations, virtualized servers, domain controller and combined application server.

“We now have a stable, reliable network with no IT-related glitches,” Paschall said. “Whether they arrive on-site or dial in remotely, they’ve got a proven track record of successfully identifying our technology-related problems and correcting them in short order.”

Today, Cole Informatics is the Camden Animal Clinic’s trusted IT support team. Cole Informatics provides continual server monitoring, regular management for all IT resources, reactive support as needed, and general technology and operational consultation as required.

“The Cole Informatics team is simply outstanding. They’re friendly, provide excellent service, and they know the ins and outs of our IT infrastructure,” he added. “We highly recommend Cole Informatics to any business. They work efficiently and are a cost-effective IT support team. They never ‘nickel and dime’ us.”

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Terry Cole and the staff at Cole Informatics possess excellent technical skills but also the rare ability to explain “tech” in an understandable manner. They have always been ready to answer questions and offer answers that are reasonable and usually have various options to consider. Cole Informatics have been able to do this because they have taken the time to learn about our core business and understand the processes we utilize in our operations.”

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