Cloud-Hosted VoIP Phone Services

Very large and micro companies are benefiting from VoIP-based hosted phone systems having the ability to work from anywhere, with incredible call quality, and without the huge capital expenses.

It was only a few years ago that “network telephone” was being introduced as a possible AT&T “killer”.  Turns out, that’s true.  In fact, the telecom big-boys are being given a substantial run for their traditional telephony money by start-ups who dreamed up a better, cheaper, and more accessible way to have a voice conversation over long distance.  In fact, AT&T is actively abandoning their “copper wire” infrastructure while they roll out their own VoIP services under various other names.

VoIP is short for “Voice over Internet Protocol”

VoIP is the standard for all modern voice communication services throughout the world. Traditional telephone services depend on physical wires, and a phone number assigned to those wires, coming to your building.  The new services assumes you have internet and it costs much less to deliver that call to you over it.  In addition, you get the benefit of not being locked into where the wires are…use your phone wherever you have internet!

ESI Cloud PBX  (What is a PBX?)

ESI has turned the “hosted-PBX” world on its ear by doing what no one else is…manufacturing both the phone service and the actual phone on your desk, and taking responsibility for both! This is something you won’t get with any other hosted or VoIP PBX provider…with them, you’ll buy the phone separately and get your own support when the service provider says “its not us”.  We can work with other phones (if own them already), but could never recommend that over the ESI-manufactured products due to being able to solve any problem that may come up by seeing both “ends” of the process.  Download ESI’s Cloud PBX PDF for a bit more detail!

Benefits of ESI Cloud PBX

Literal “plug-and-play” simplicity from the moment you receive your phone.  We’re here to help anytime needed and are experts at tweaking the features to suit your business needs.  Your callers will never get a busy signal (although you may not be able to answer 50 calls at once!) because its not tied to a phone “line” in the traditional sense.  The phone is warranted for the life of the account and its yours to keep if you choose to go elsewhere (and it will work on other systems if you needed it to).  The ESI Ditto App is also available to turn your cell phone into an extension on the system, just like your desk phone…park calls, listen to voice mail, literally anything you can do on the desk phone, you can do on your Ditto client when away from the desk.

ESI and Cole Informatics

Cole Informatics is the Certified ESI Reseller in Lexington, TN and have been working with ESI for nearly two decades.  We know them and they know us.  They also know how good we are at serving our clients with their products and services.  That translates to real value for you, day in and day out.

Cole Informatics and ESI can make your business phone system be as mobile as you are without interrupting work flow. How could not being chained to your office affect your business?

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