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Work from Anywhere!

As of early 2015, we’ve chosen to work with MSPAnywhere (formerly called BeAnywhere) for their remote control software. A great benefit of partnering with Cole Informatics is the availability to use our MSPAnywhere Support Express to get remote control of your office computer!

Use the information below to use your private connection from any computer that has internet access.

Credentials (Your Username and Password)

Once we set you up, you’ll have received your password by email. If you need a new one, email and we’ll reset it for you.  Your username is your business email address.

First Time Connecting Remotely

  1. Watch this video first (22 seconds):
  2. On the menu above, click Your Services then Access Your Computer.
  3. Enter your email address and password. Click Login.
  4. As shown in the video above, click Install Extension (you only have to do this once per computer or browser, by the way!).
  5. Once installed, click on the blue/white arrow beside your computer and, if your geek mojo has served you, you should be seeing your office computer in a small screen.  Here’s a view of this entire process (2 minutes):

One More Thing…

There are not a lot of videos about the current version of MSPAnywhere (BeAnywhere) on the web, but here’s one I did just for you to give you tips on the most likely issue you may run into when using this tool the first time:

The best tip I can give you:  If you “shutdown” your remote computer, there’s nothing you can do until it comes back on!

Lastly, be sure to note that while you’re working on your computer remotely, others in the remote office CAN see your activities if your remote computer monitor is powered on!

Terry is a pleasant, knowledgeable IT professional. He brought us up to date with modern technology and continues to manage our servers and systems. Terry is good at troubleshooting and problem-solving. When we need someone to respond or solve a problem, Terry and his team at Cole Informatics are always quick to respond. I would certainly recommend Terry to others that require help with IT in their business.”

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Beverly Murley, Executive Assistant, Jackson Housing Authority

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