Daniel Stoneburner

Four years ago, I decided to retire from a 17 year career in Law Enforcement, further my education in IT networking, and pursue a career in the IT Industry. I consider this one of my greatest accomplishments— at the age of 39—earning a degree in Information Technology.

As a secondary role, I provided in-house IT support for our Sheriff’s Office, and considered Terry Cole as my mentor. Cole Informatics was our Outsourced IT Department. Terry and I built a strong friendship, and I always said that, “If Terry offered me a job, I would go to work for him.” That led to my employment at Cole Informatics.

For many years, Terry was the only technician at Cole Informatics. Even now, some customers will call and request Terry to help with their problems. We have one customer in particular who always emails or asks for Terry when needing assistance. I can remember the first time this customer sent in a support ticket and asked for me! This was an exciting day. It is a great feeling when you earn the confidence of others.

One of the best things about working for Cole Informatics is that no day is the same. We service many types of businesses, and every phone call is different. Unlike working in a factory, doing the same thing over and over, this business allows for a variety of experiences. We are on the leading edge of technology, which requires constant learning and keeping up with the ever-changing IT world.

I am a very people-oriented person, and I really enjoy resolving our clients’ problems, regardless of what they are. I communicate at their level, so they feel comfortable working with me. The one thing I believe our clients would say about me is my ability to comfort them and resolve their problems as quickly as possible, so they can get back to work.

Leadership is one of my passions. From the age of 19, I’ve held a position of leadership. From military, law enforcement, and my current position at Cole Informatics, I’ve been in a leadership role and love leading others to accomplishment. Cole Informatics is a growing business. I truly enjoy seeing our company grow, and I am proud to be an influential part of this growth.

Another passion of mine is Student Ministry. I’ve been the Student Minister in my church for about a 1 1/2 half years, and in student ministry for over 5 years. I consider this a great calling, and I love God. I get to spend three sessions a week with my students. Not only do I share God with them, I get to teach them how to be better people. We have over 50 students in our Ministry, which includes 50+ different lives. I look forward to every opportunity to see my students, and spend time with them.

I consider everyday as new start—“Day 1.” I want to make the best of each day and learn something new every day. I owe everything I have to God and praise him daily for it. Life is too short to worry about yesterday! I am so thankful for my family, my life at Cole Informatics, and the friends God has put in my life.

Terry is awesome! The best part is that he talks on my level where I can understand what is going on. Thanks so much for all your help.”

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Rhonda B., Client

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