Delilah Crossno

I joined Cole Informatics after working with Terry Cole years earlier in another business. We worked together so well, that when he called and offered me a position, I was happy to accept.

I enjoyed the challenge of learning new things when I first started working at Cole. My previous job was not mentally challenging, and I didn’t realize how much I missed this until I started working for Terry again. He knew what I was capable of, so he would give me a task that I had to figure out, or learn on my own. This is where I thrive.

I enjoy helping our clients by listening to their problems and directing them to a technician who can best resolve their issues. I also help them with any account issues.

When we receive a call from a client, they are usually experiencing computer or phone-related issues. They’re not having a good day when I talk to them, so I like being able to give them reassurance that we will get them up and running.

In addition to working at Cole Informatics, music is a big part of my life. I also love being outdoors, reading, and art. I start a new art project, or take up a new hobby at least once per month.Whether it’s a plaque made out of old wood from my grandfather’s shed, creating things from old books that no one wants anymore, or a drawing a picture that makes someone smile, I can find an outlet for my creativity. You can also find me walking or riding my four-wheeler in the woods on our farm.

I’m very family oriented and enjoy spending time with my mother, father, sister, niece and two nephews.The best thing about working at Cole Informatics is the family life here. As the company and staff have grown, so has my family.

Terry’s great. He’s helped me out of a bind on more than one occasion. I really appreciate his help.”

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