Does your IT company have a full communication strategy that benefits you?

Communication: It is essential in all aspects of life, because without interaction, there is no mutual understanding between individuals, which means there is no foundation for long-term relationships to develop upon.

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We get that – and we strive to build long-term relationships with each and every one of our clients. That is where our full communication strategy comes into play.

Cole Informatics has a full communication strategy wherein we stay in constant contact with our clients, in order to better meet and exceed their needs. Call 731.249.5700 or send us an email: to learn more.

As a leading IT services company, we know technology is constantly changing, and alongside technology, your business is constantly changing as well. When you are looking to grow and succeed, your technology needs to keep up with your business and vise versa. Our full communication strategy benefits you by giving us the opportunity to:

Get to know your company: We learn who you are, what you do, what systems you depend on, what challenges you face, and what goals you’re looking to achieve, in order to:

  • Address and prevent challenges
  • Align your technology with your goals
  • Recommend solutions that work for you

Receive feedback on a regular basis: We want to make sure you are always happy with the service you are receiving, and our full communication strategy lets us receive feedback to:

  • Find out what solutions are working and what is not working
  • Adjust your IT environment based on changes to the company
  • Find out how we can improve our service for you

Become a trusted technology partner: We understand you are looking for someone who does much more than simply implement technology and fix problems, you most likely prefer a trusted technology partner that:

  • Helps you better understand the technologies you use
  • Keeps you ahead of evolving trends and advancements
  • Performs strategic business reviews regularly

As part of our full communication strategy, we make sure you are never left in the dark or waiting by the phone. When you call, we will answer right away, and if we aren’t able to resolve your challenge on the spot, we will call you back immediately and/or we will personally come to your office to find a solution to this challenge. You will always be kept in the loop on:

  • The status of any minor and/or major projects, implementations, or other work that is performed.
  • The status of support tickets from the moment we receive them through to completion.

You deserve an IT services company that doesn’t leave you in the dark – an IT services company that works to build a long-term relationship with your company. Call us at 731.249.5700 or send us an email: We’d be happy to discuss what we can do for you!

Before working with Terry, my business’s computer system had been a complete disaster. If it weren’t for him, I would have had to shut down my practice. Terry frequently does more than he’s asked for businesses, including working all hours when a problem arises. He has even tried to learn my software to help me out. I went through 3 different support people and none of them could help like Terry has helped me. Terry is trustworthy and reliable. I would highly recommend Terry and Cole Informatics to anyone facing challenges with their business IT.”

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Christie Patterson-King, Nurse Practitioner & Owner

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