Don't Make Employees Mad!

Especially If You’re Cheating on Microsoft!

This’ll be short and not-so-sweet (sorry!), because you’ll get the point right away.  If the software your office depends on to run, especially software made by Microsoft, Adobe, or Autodesk among others, AND you can’t prove its legitimately licensed (ie: STOLEN), the next employee rift you have could cost you a fortune!  One call to the BSA Anti-Piracy hotline could have US Marshalls (aka: the Microsoft Police…no, I’m not kidding) show up at your door asking for proof of purchase!

Show Me The Money

Disgruntled (or just those with knowledge and a motive) employees can make a phone call that gets a high level of attention from the other end when they say you, the Boss, has software in use in your office, but they “think” it may be stolen or unlicensed.  The federales show up and if you can’t prdouce the proof that you own the software legitimitately, the consequences can be very severe for you financially.  To make it even worse, the whistle blower gets paid part of fine levied against you!  They get paid to do you in!  Check out this ad I just saw on Facebook (I added the red ink!)…read and re-read the opening line to get who they’re talking to (hint:  your staff):


Don’t Be a Crook

Look, I’m not advocating that you should be running your business on anything other than legimtiately licensed software, even though it costs a fortune.  Stealing is stealing, even if you think “information” is free, information crated by someone else is probably not!  Whether it’s songs, movies, or games, software piracy is a really, really big deal.  In our business, as a technology support company, we won’t provide support to businesses that haven’t paid for the software they use…if they’ll steal from someone, they’ll steal from anyone, including us.  So we just don’t do business with them if we find bogus licensed software in the network.

Here’s some handy references for you if you’re interested in learning more from those who’ll be pushing the PoPo to your door (as if you can’t Google this too!):

If you think you may have unlicensed software in operation in your business, find out about it before some employee who thinks they know something and has a beef with you call in the PoPo and toss your crib.  (fogive me for trying out my version of gangster vernacular there!)  Give us a call or email to and we’ll help you know for sure if  your licensing situation is squared away or not!

“It’s just something I feel very strongly about. They have the knowledge and expertise to handle anything within our organization, and of course, as our program develops, the systems develop more and more. I’d recommend Cole Informatics to anyone!”

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Linda Dycus, Executive Director of James Developmental Center

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