PartnerWATCH Internet Monitoring and Control

Don’t leave your Internet open to anything your employees might want to do – PartnerWATCH Internet Monitoring and Control!

Increase employee productivity and safeguard information by actively monitoring and protecting your business Internet services

Are your employees utilizing the Internet as a tool to increase productivity and effectiveness, or is it a distraction that’s just getting in the way and costing you big money? When used for work purposes, the Internet provides instant access to information which empowers our staff to accomplish more on a daily basis, unfortunately…

A recent survey of 3200 employees conducted by IBM revealed that 64% of employees admit to visiting non-work related websites EVERY DAY while they are on the clock.

That means 64% of employees are not only being unproductive, they’re leaving your business network open to major security threats, including ransomware, malware, and virus infections, all of which steal sensitive data – causing serious damage to your customer’s trust and your company’s reputation.

Possibly more compelling than avoiding Internet malware, consider what your employees’ time actually costs…if your employees are earning only minimum wage, every 10 minutes wasted on the internet costs you $1.20 not including the loss of productivity.  That’s only for minimum wage earners!  PartnerWATCH costs only about $3.50 per month to prevent this!

PartnerWATCH Internet Monitoring and Control helps you rest assured knowing you’re always protected:

  • Automatically block websites that contain known security threats to keep your computers free from infection and virus.
  • Limit or restrict access to websites like social networks that only distract your employees from their workload.
  • Develop an acceptable use policy that clearly outlines what your business computers can be used to access.
  • Allow employees access to safe personal websites and social media profiles during lunch or other pre-set times throughout the day.
  • And much more! 

Keep your business Internet usage in check and stop worrying about unproductive employees and preventable cyber threats!

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