Case Study: Cole Informatics Creates a Dependable Network Environment for James Developmental Center – Keeping Costs Predictable & Making IT Worry-Free!

James Developmental Center, Inc. is a contracted agency with the Tennessee Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. They serve adults with mental and physical disabilities through a number of entities within their corporation. When James Developmental Center was operating on a strict budget and needed help to better leverage information technology, they reached out to Cole Informatics.

Linda Dycus, Executive Director of James Developmental Center, explained, “Cole Informatics has helped us since the beginning. We’re a very small agency and we’re very computer illiterate for the most part. We were kind of winging it on our own with what little we knew.”

She continued, “Unfortunately, we had some major problems occur so we got Terry’s name from an individual who was doing computer work in Camden, TN. He told me I need to get in touch with them because they do more with business management of computers than the gentleman I was dealing with.”

Cole Informatics: Taking Care of Day-to-Day IT Management to Make IT Worry-Free for James Developmental Center!  

After James Developmental Center received grant money for technology expenses, they were able to hand over responsibility for day-to-day support and network management. Linda explained, “We got a grant through one of our funding sources, Tennessee Early Intervention, and I called Cole Informatics shortly after.”

Now they’re able to rest assured knowing their IT is well managed and completely worry-free. Linda offered some valuable insight, “At the time, we had about 5 standalone computers and we didn’t have a server system. We called them and said the sky is the limit, start us from scratch. From that point, they’ve maintained our systems and when we have problems, we call them.”

She continued, “They see everything that’s going on in our systems at all times. A few times, they’ve caught some major viruses. One of them took us out for a while, one of the “crypto” viruses. They managed to get us back up with a minimal amount of problems. When things happen, I just turn it over to them and they take care of it.”

James Developmental Center takes advantage of the following services at a flat-rate monthly fee that’s easy to predict:

  • PartnerSAFE (backup services)
  • PartnerPROTECT (technology management)
  • PartnerWORKS (email security services)
  • PartnerWATCH (Internet management services)
  • PartnerTALK (telephone services)

Linda wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Cole Informatics, “It’s just something I feel very strongly about. They have the knowledge and expertise to handle anything within our organization, and of course, as our program develops, the systems develop more and more. I’d recommend Cole Informatics to anyone!”

Need an IT services company to take care of all your technology needs? Call Cole Informatics at 731.249.5700 or send us an email: We specialize in helping organizations better leverage technology to stay on track with their goals and mission.

“The Cole Informatics team is simply outstanding. They’re friendly, provide excellent service, and they know the ins and outs of our IT infrastructure. We highly recommend Cole Informatics to any business. They work efficiently and are a cost-effective IT support team. They never ‘nickel and dime’ us.”

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