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Do you know what it feels like to have technology that works for you instead of against you?

Cole Informatics offers the IT & telephone support you need!

Over the past decade, technology has greatly improved the way we operate our business. Some of these improvements have been forced on our businesses by regulatory agencies, others we discovered on our own as we find new technology that enhances our productivity and efficiency.

Cole Informatics stays on top of emerging technology trends, but only brings home solutions that have stood the test of time and provide real value to our clients here in Lexington and throughout West and Middle Tennessee.

Why are we so picky? We’re actively involved in our community and understand the demands of businesses “out here”…we’re from here! Big city businesses don’t have to be as strategic with their investments since they have what seems to be a never ending supply of people spending money. If they go out of business, they can easily re-brand with a new name, and no one even notices the difference.

Here, we treasure and value every customer and client, and can’t waste our hard-earned dollars on solutions that don’t provide real value to our business. We aim to provide IT support that brings true value to your organization:

  • It all starts with a solid foundation. Let us strategically develop and implement your IT plan (or help you develop a plan to change) with our very deeply experienced staff’s input and experience what it’s like when you outsource your entire IT department to a team of IT professionals that cares as much about your day-to-day operations as you do.
  • No one can eliminate, but we will definitely minimize your IT problems with proactive services, including system monitoring and continual maintenance that takes care of the thousands of small issues that are happening all the time and prevent them from turning into big problems that cause major downtime and loss of revenue and productivity.
  • Cut your phone bill in half with our VoIP business phone solutions, PartnerTALK, which provides full-featured, enterprise-grade phone systems and services for a fraction of the cost (no long distance charges!) the traditional telephone carriers charge for service.

Always a good experience when dealing with Terry.”

Computer Support
Brandon B., Client

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Always a good experience when dealing with Terry.”

Computer Support
Brandon B., Client

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