The Cole Informatics Approach

Cole Informatics has experienced growth every single year as our clients continue to recommend us to friends and other business owners.

Even though we have grown past a one-man operation, we always stay true to our core principles.

Why? Because our core principles distinguish us as the best West & Middle Tennessee technology and telephone support company:

100% Local IT Support

Cole Informatics isn’t embarrassed to admit we learned a tough lesson when trying to expand in 2006. With the intent of offering better service to our clients while trying to grow the business, we decided to invest in a franchise operation to try and help us handle the increased workload.  We learned very quickly that “IT somewhere else” from big organizations simply doesn’t serve “IT Out Here” very well.  In fact, the experience for the customer for an outsourced “help desk” is a huge step backwards for smaller businesses.  Big-box corporate IT support companies simply don’t work. That’s why we now enforce a 100% Local IT Tech Policy.

100% In-House Support

Cole Informatics has seen the damage done by companies who outsource portions of their work to other firms. You need integrated technology systems combined with, and directly supported by, the people who designed the systems and who actually know your staff and how your business operates.

We have a strict in-house policy, which means we NEVER support or even key “project” portions of the job to other contractors. This allows us to maintain our high levels of service through every aspect of our work.

ZERO Pre-Packaged IT Solutions

Don’t settle for IT providers that feel like there is a one size fits all approach to technology. These types of systems only complicate your IT as you have unused features that waste time and space.  While we standardize on tools and resources that let us server all clients in a predictable way, those tools are adapted to your unique environment and operational requirements to ensure we have just as much control and visibility into your tech “plumbing” as the next client.

Just as our business is unique to us, your business is unique to you, that’s why we’re both in business. Even when servicing two competitors in the same market, we never offer solutions that were catered around another client’s requests. You deserve an IT Plan that is custom created for the way you do business, but using standard and best-practice tools and procedures.

ZERO Tech-Talk Allowed

When you call us, you’re having an IT crisis. The last thing you need is an technician who wants to impress you by talking about wires and microchips. This only confuses you further and increases your state of panic.

We explain everything in plain English that even the most inexperienced computer user can understand. Instead of complicated Tech Talk, we talk about how the technology improvements are going to enhance your IT experience or your day-to-day tasks. This helps ease the stress level, and also increases company wide acceptance as everyone knows exactly how to use your new technology.

100% Total Technology Provider

We’re not a company who forgets about you once the job is done. Our goal is to become an extension of your team who you can count on to answer all of your IT questions. We’ve got your IT back, so you can focus on running and expanding your business.

Our clients are able to say “Call Cole” and then move onto other objectives or issues knowing that their staff will have the issue or question resolved with a quick phone call or email to Cole Informatics.

Technology isn’t easy and its never simple, but it can be easy for you to use. Cole Informatics is your West & Middle TN technology support company that will develop, maintain, improve, and secure your entire IT operations.

Call us at 731.249.5700 or send us an email:

“I appreciate how much they can do remotely. Their office is 60 miles away from me, so when I have a problem and an office full of patients, I can call or email him and tell him I need the problem addressed immediately. His team gets on remotely, and 95% of the time, they fix it remotely!”

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Gail Morris, Office Administrator – Harrison Eye Clinic

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