Mike Long

In 2011, I closed my retail business of 40 years, and my good friend Tony Newton asked, “Why don’t we work together? I’ll teach you the business.” Three years later, our friend Terry Cole, asked, “Why don’t we work together?” And the rest is history. Terry bought our phone business in April of 2014, and we’ve been working together as a team, ever since.

The best thing about being at Cole Informatics is that everyone loves what we do. We feel fortunate that we can make a living helping someone else—Our business runs on Christian ethics.

Plus, our team is great at solving our clients’ communication and IT problems so they can concentrate on their business. Our clients like the fact we are quiet, quick and efficient.We love seeing the smile on their faces when we effectively address their problems. They can’t believe how simply and easily we handle things.

I’m proud to be a part of Cole Informatics. But I’m most proud of my family and fine young daughters who are excelling at their chosen professions. I attribute this to the work ethic they learned growing up in a Christian, family-run business.

Terry has an innate sense of integrity that governs everything he does, from his personal life to his professional career. Terry’s passion for delivering the right solution engenders a loyalty among his clients that is rarely seen these days. I was impressed with the ease of which Terry is able to talk technology to people from all walks of life, from those with no computer skills to the techno-geeks. He is a natural leader, and people respond very well to his engaging personality and quiet confidence.”

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Brian Holly, Assistant VP of IT, MTSU

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