PartnerSECURE: Using Beachhead SimplySecure™ Solutions for Mobile Device Encryption

How to ensure mobile device security and encryption compliance?

Cole Informatics’ PartnerSECURE uses Beachhead SimplySecure™ Solutions to secure your devices and achieve HIPAA compliance immediately!

Imagine going into the office one morning to discover a malware infection on the network. Your company’s financial details and sensitive information have been compromised – and now you have to report the breach to the government, your insurance agency, and possibly the media. Your lawyer becomes your best friend for the next few months, your attention is completely removed from running your business, and quite possibly your customers lose confidence in your organization.  In short, and all of the sudden, business comes to a complete halt.

Cole Informatics uses Beachhead SimplySecure solutions to help you achieve mobile device security and encryption compliance – minimizing the risk of data loss and/or security breaches. Call 731.249.5700 or send us an email:

Even the smallest amount of data loss comes at a big cost. You simply can’t afford to put security on the backburner. Our support engineers can remotely deploy and secure vulnerable mobile devices within your organization, including the following:

Windows and Mac PCs: We know PCs are responsible for a significant amount of employee productivity and collaboration – there’s more data here than any other device and industry, national, state, and local regulations require encryption. PartnerSECURE lets you rest assured knowing:

  • All sensitive data stored on equipment will be encrypted to eliminate risk.
  • An administrator can remotely deny access to data on lost or stolen equipment.
  • You are complying with HIPAA, PCI,  and other government-imposed acronym related to data security.

Android Devices, iPhones, and iPads: Tablets, smartphones, laptops, and other devices are great for productivity, however, when employee-owned, they’re at greater risk due to corporate sensitive data stored on them – kept far from the network and corporate control. PartnerSECURE lets you rest assured knowing:

  • Protection can be deployed over your entire inventory of mobile devices through the cloud.
  • Configuration can be set to protect (through security measures such as encryption) all or some of your mobile devices.

USB Storage Devices: USB storage devices are a fantastic idea for transporting, backing up, and sharing business data, however, employees often carry their own into the workplace – leaving you at risk for malware infection or a catastrophic data breach. PartnerSECURE lets you rest assured knowing:

  • An administrator can determine who can write data to what device(s) and under what conditions.
  • An administrator can choose the level of security appropriate for their unique USB use conditions.

Without a doubt, SimplySecure™ is hands-down, the single most cost effective and efficient way to ensure your computing environment and all mobile devices are compliant with government information security regulations.  Don’t risk it. Call 731.249.5700 or send us an email

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Please note, all SimplySecure™ products are owned and trademarked by Beachhead Solutions. Cole Informatics is a registered reseller and support affiliate of Beachhead Solutions to provide PartnerSECURE – the easiest way to achieve mobile device security and encryption compliance.



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