A Message from the Owner/Founder

Technology: It’s About People!

A Message from Cole Informatics Owner/Founder, Terry Cole

I know how frustrating it is to deal with Information Technology (“IT”) when you’d just rather be doing your job. After all, I wasn’t always in IT. My resume is exceptionally long…not good for getting a job, but great for consulting with businesses!  I’ve been a professional photographer, journalist, banking equipment salesman, radio DJ (believe it or not), worked in heavy construction, am a US Navy veteran, and no matter where I’ve been, I’ve seen that IT isn’t about machines.

It’s about people using IT as a tool to get a job done.

But too many IT companies just don’t seem to understand that. They get so caught up in selling products or tinkering with the latest piece of technology, and they lose sight of what the IT is supposed to DO for their client. And meanwhile, businesses waste time, effort, and money on IT support that doesn’t actually support them.

While working for a software company at my last job (in 2002!), we supported nearly a thousand county sheriff and police departments around the southeast US with the software they used to run their operations.  It didn’t take long to notice the “local IT guy” was always being talked about negatively by our customers!  This clued me in to the likelihood of that being true in my home area of West TN as well and, me being one to try new things, decided I could solve this problem for businesses in my back yard. I’ll be the local IT guy that they love.  That passion for “doing it right” has evolved into what we do today and why we do it a very, very specific way.

Our approach today includes:

  • A business-first approach to IT support
  • Regular communication with clients to focus on their real needs
  • Transparency on work in progress…keeping the client informed continually
  • Proactive thinking to stop IT issues before they start
  • Reliable and expert help for ANY IT or business telephone issue

And that’s how Cole Informatics came to be. Since starting, we’ve continued to wow businesses all across West and Middle Tennessee because we go above and beyond – providing the best network, phone, and general business support from our main office in Lexington. So many business owners are used to shoddy service that they don’t know how much better it can be – and when we show them, it’s like a breath of fresh air.

I can’t wait to help you find out just how amazingly well your business can operate with technology when you have the right partner on your side. My team and I will help you make the most out of IT or integrated telephone systems and see the best results from your investment with us. We’re not going to bore you with technical jargon or make you jump through a hundred hoops to get service – just pick up the phone, give me a call at 731.249.5700, and we’ll make the right technology fit YOUR needs.

Terry Cole
Cole Informatics, LLC

“If I have to call them with an issue, they treat it seriously and respond quickly. We definitely are getting a good return on our investment with Cole. I can’t praise them enough.”

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Jimmy Montgomery, Owner and Operations Director – CCC Medical Equipment

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