On-Premise Digital and IP Phone Systems

Hosted services are good, but sometimes it makes more sense to keep the equipment in-house. With ESI telephone systems, “in-house” can still mean “work from anywhere”.

ESI Phone Systems are very sophisticated, but incredibly simple to use. We’ve used other phone systems and tried to manage it ourselves (and we’re the gurus), but nothing comes close to the simplicity of ESI’s well designed and user-friendly telephone systems and equipment.

On-Premise Digital Phone Systems

ESI on-premise phone systems deliver the best of both “traditional” digital phones and cabling as well as newer IP-based systems for businesses.  If your office is already cabled for traditional digital phones, we can easily add ESI digital desktop and wireless phones to your business operations.  Digital phones use standard 2-wire connections to the phone closet and offer every feature you can imaging, from recording to voice mail to intelligent call forwarding to your cell phone.  Too much to list here, but simple to use by your staff.

Benefits of IP Phones

Unlike digital phones which are defined by which phone jack its connected to, IP phones’ identity are in the phone…if you want to move offices, pick it up and move and your extension is not changed.  When your internet firewall is configured properly, you could even take the phone anywhere and plug in to any internet connection and work as though you’re in the office…callers would never know the difference.

Both IP and Digital – No Problem

This is a very common scenario…all of ESI’s phone systems can accommodate both digital and IP phones so you’re not locked into a “baby” system if your business is growing.  We can easily, and often do, mix both together.  No training required for the users…they work exactly the same.  New construction is typically always network cabling to every jack.  This is the best solution for ease of deployment and management.  But if you have both old traditional phone and newer network cabling, nothing to worry about.

Customized Solution for Your Unique Business

Cole Informatics communication professionals have the depth of experience with designing and delivering exceptionally high quality phone services and equipment to virtually every type of business in existence over the past 15+ years and can very efficiently zoom in on the unique requirements of your business to deliver the same.  Many of our Clients have been using ESI phones for as much as 10 years before considering an upgrade…something that’s unheard of in small business telephony.  Learn more on your own by downloading our brochures for the ESI IP Server 900 or ESI Communications Servers before giving us a call. We’re happy to schedule a working demo at your office anytime you like.

ESI and Cole Informatics

Cole Informatics is the Certified ESI Reseller in Lexington, TN and have been working with ESI for nearly two decades.  We know them and they know us.  They also know how good we are at serving our clients with their products and services.  That translates to real value for you, day in and day out.

Cole Informatics and ESI can make your business work so much better for you than what you have in place now.  Let us show you how to get a complete phone makeover and have it pay for itself in a year or less.  No kidding.

Call us at 731.249.5700 or send us an email: info@coleinformatics.dreamhosters.com.

Cole Informatics assures us of prompt service and is always ready to help with any questions, big or small. Sudden storms frequently knock out our networking system, but we know help is a phone call away. Cole Informatics takes great care to design and maintain technology and procedures to protect member information.”

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