Outsourced CIO: Benefit from Our Experience

Get all the benefits of executive level IT guidance with proven returns on your IT investments

Take advantage of Cole’s depth of experience on virtually all aspects of IT and technology for small businesses – we’ll become your outsourced Chief Information Officer (“CIO”) to help your smart business decisions get smarter!

Effective and up-to-date IT and telephone technologies and methodologies are as important to what you do as is your primary product or service.  Most IT systems for small businesses are literally duct taped together by whoever knows the most at the time it crosses your desk.  As your company continues to grow, IT decisions are increasingly important. Major corporations have CIOs which strategically plan and develop an IT strategy that aligns technology with their business goals. How can you compete on a small business budget?

Our practical knowledge of the application of business technology wasn’t learned in a classroom…it was, and continues to be developed in the field, over time, to provide a big company perspective on a small company scale.

Cole Informatics is a small business too, but that doesn’t mean we’re at a disadvantage. Being small makes us more resourceful and has helped us develop IT strategies that compete with the big guys without burning through your IT budget. We’ve developed our PartnerSERVICES programs to allow small and medium sized businesses the benefits of executive level guidance without six figure salaries or profit sharing programs:

  • Discover the integral relationship between IT, telephone, and your business goals to learn how technology can improve your business operations.
  • Develop your technology plan which controls spending instead of reacting to the inevitable technology costs you will be faced with.
  • Analyze past technology investments to fully maximize your current resources before considering additional equipment or upgrades.
  • Provide guidance on strategic IT investments that increase productivity and efficiency bringing the benefits to your bottom line.
  • Offer employee training programs to maximize capabilities so your technology investments don’t go to waste.
  • Review your IT strategy on a regular basis to discover what’s working or not for your unique business.

Technology isn’t easy, but with Cole Informatics’ oversight, we’ll become your outsourced CIO and IT Operations Partners to make it simple for you to use. Let us be your guide to IT – finding the RIGHT technology for your business needs.

Contact us at 731.249.5700 or send us an email: info@coleinformatics.dreamhosters.com

“If I have to call them with an issue, they treat it seriously and respond quickly. We definitely are getting a good return on our investment with Cole. I can’t praise them enough.”

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Jimmy Montgomery, Owner and Operations Director – CCC Medical Equipment

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