Managed Technology Services: PartnerPROTECT

Tired of unexpected IT issues popping up and disrupting your workday?

We’re pleased to bring you PartnerPROTECT: Managed Technology Services which give you the absolute best chance of preventing work-stopping issues before they take a toll on profitability and productivity.

Our information technology systems are supposed to make life easier, but the inherent complexity of even what appears to be the most basic of IT systems become incredibly magnified when technology issues occur, and we’re often left unable to keep working.  This always results in wasted payroll dollars, unproductive employees, and unhappy customers (just to be clear…thats YOUR unhappy customers). What’s worse than a lost day of work because of IT Issues? The only thing worse than work delays caused by tech issues is knowing that you could have prevented the downtime with our managed technology services.

Instead of waiting for problems to occur, wouldn’t you like to know you have someone literally watching the gauges that represents “normal” for your day to day operations and who will jump in to fix stuff before it affects your people or customers? {company} literally pioneered the concept of the “Managed Service Provider” in West TN and our PartnerPROTECT managed technology services is the flagship offering that keeps hundreds of users working day to day.  With PartnerPROTECT, we’ll actively monitor and react to your IT to ensure:

  • Your systems are always running at optimal performance levels – because slow machines are only slow because of the software that’s running on it, and it’s only going to get worse.
  • Instant alerts if a machine ever goes down or shows signs of infections or pending disruptive processes – we respond before you even get a chance to call us most of the time!
  • Actively monitor your devices for signs of malware or viruses – because malware could easily lead to data disclosure.

Ready to eliminate downtime by properly managing your IT with proactive and managed technology services? Cole Informatics is THE technology partner that continually resolves and prevents small issues to eliminate big IT emergencies and profit draining disruptions!

Call us at 731.249.5700 or send us an email:

“”The Cole Informatics team is always very prompt responding to our inquiries. We have an excellent rapport with them, their response times are excellent, and if we have an immediate need they’re on our doorstep right away. I would recommend Cole Informatics to any company. The depth of their collective IT knowledge is truly impressive.”

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