IT Security Tip #6 – Bookmark the LEGITIMATE websites you frequently visit

IT Security Tip #6: Bookmark the LEGITIMATE websites you frequently visit

Here’s a sneaky trick used by many hackers: they purchase and set up a fraudulent website that is a close misspelling of a legitimate one.

Example: instead of (notice the 3 o’s?!).

All you have to do is accidentally fat-finger ONE letter in the URL and up pops a very legitimate-looking fake copy of the site you were trying to get to – and the login and links are full of keylogger malware and virus landmines waiting for you to click on them, or in many cases, just load the wrong page and don’t click on anything…this is called a “drive by”! This is particularly important for any social networks you belong to.

Short version: Create shortcuts, favorites, bookmarks, etc. for what you use frequently.

Extra tip: Don’t search for addresses…malware criminals love people that search for addresses. If you know the address, enter it directly…don’t search for it!

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