IT Security Tip #17 – Don’t JUST close your browser!

IT Security Tip #17: Don’t JUST close your browser!

When online accessing a banking site or any other application containing sensitive data, make sure you log out of the site and THEN close your browser. If you simply close your browser, some of the session information that a hacker can use to gain entry is still running in the background.

If you have a Gmail or YouTube or any other Google-owned account, Google will keep you logged in perpetually, even if you close out of your browser and restart your computer! In order to log out of Google, you have to explicitly click the Sign Out button which is never visible without clicking somewhere first, typically your name or image (avatar) in the upper right corner.

Of course Google make this less than convenient for us because its in GOOGLE’s best interest to keep you logged in so it can much more easily track everything you do. Don’t get me wrong…Google can track you without being logged in, but its just sooo much easier for them when you stay logged into their system indefinitely.

So be sure to log out on purpose when done doing your business on any website.

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