SIP Trunks for Any Phone System

Traditional phone “lines” are crazy expensive.  Better quality, quicker problem solving, and much less cost for the same phone call delivered to you over the internet.  Introducing “SIP Trunks”

“SIP” is short for something you’ll only need to know at a trivia party:  “Session Initiation Protocol”.  Geek school is officially out for the day!

The way phone calls have traditionally been delivered to you is by using 2 copper wires running from the phone company’s central office (somewhere in your town) to your building.  Only the telegraph is an older technology and used the exact same wiring. In the telephone industry, those 2 copper wires are known as “POTS” lines.  POTS means (literally): “Plain Old Telephone System”.

The problem with POTS lines is they are extremely limited in features and “scalability” and are exceptionally expensive to maintain.  The big guys (er, AT&T) are even abandoning the old wiring infrastructure and moving everything to a form of SIP and delivering calls across the internet.

SIP Trunks from ESI Cloud Services are the answer to all of this.  For less than $27 a month, all long distance and features are included and delivered to your office over the internet.  There’s no catches or promotional rates, just good quality phone services at a flat rate monthly.  And you keep your own phone numbers…no need to change.

ESI and Cole Informatics

Cole Informatics is the Certified ESI Reseller in Lexington, TN and have been working with ESI for nearly two decades.  We know them and they know us.  They also know how good we are at serving our clients with their products and services.  That translates to real value for you, day in and day out.

Cole Informatics and ESI can make your business phone problems and bills disappear.  Send us a copy of your latest phone bill for a free analysis…no strings attached.

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