Something Email This Way Cometh!

Look Out For Email Baddies!

You always have to be wary of email attachments and links to “retrieve something” buried in the body of an email as they are two of the prime ways that bad guys can infect your computers with stuff Ajax won’t take off (as they used to say!).  But be especially diligent in thinking thrice about opening any email attachment or clicking any link within unexpected email you may get starting today and over the next few weeks at a minimum.  A wave of viruses-laden emails have been determined to be underway and its just a matter of time before one hits your inbox.  

Some more details…

Our friends at Jenaly up on New England posted this up on their website.  No sense in trying to say it differenty…check out their warning here (opens in new window).

Learning To Spot Bad Stuff

Usually, its very easy to spot something that’s not right in an email that’s advising you to click on something if you’ll just pay a bit more attention.  Check out the image below of one that I just received.  It looked like a legitimate eFax email notification of a received fax, UNTIL I hovered my mouse over the link and looked at the “tool tip” that poped up.  Notice the link is waaay different than the one that’s listed in plain (underlined) text.  

efax screenshot

Note the “” is not only different than the “” they want you to click on, but the “domain” designator is “.be”…the simple interpretation is that it’s not “.com”, “.us”, “.net”, “.org”. or others that are traditional “top level domains” you should be accustomed to seeing.  (NOTE:  there has been A LOT of new top level domains defined and being sold now…this is becoming harder and harder to judge what’s good or potentially bad using this method, but always look at it when your presented with a link to click on and pay attention to your instincts about whether to click it or not!)

I actually saw this on my phone the first time and, on my iPhone, it was not possible to see the Tool Tips like you can in a computer with a mouse.  Our lovely Office Manager Delilah spotted this right away and told me to leave it alone!  (I would have seen it too…just so you know!)

The moral of this particuar story is that you can never let your guard down with regard to protecting your individual privacy, computer and network security, and the health of your company (or household) operations that depend on the computer for day to day stuff.  Pay attention to the details such as whether the links are the same as the tool tips and whether the domains are “normal” in your estimation or not.  If it’s really important, they’ll send it again or call you if you choose to ignore something that’s questionable.

Parting comment and take home point to remember:  The internet is not your friend…it is indeed out to get you so treat it as the untrustworthy thing it is and your IT bills will be cheaper!

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