Case Study: A Busy West Tennessee Law Firm Trusts Cole Informatics to Resolve Technology Issues & Give Them a Great ROI!

“Terry Cole is a hometown fellow – I believe he grew up around here. He’s very intelligent and knows what he’s doing.” – Linda Alexander, Office Manager at Terry J. Leonard, Attorney.

For over a decade, the law firm Terry J. Leonard, Attorney has relied on Cole Informatics to support its computer and telephone systems. “We’re a very busy firm. There’s four of us working for one man, and that’s how busy we are,” said Office Manager Linda Alexander. “So it took us a while to get around to doing what the folks at Cole recommended.

After 10 years, the first “real” phone system was replaced only months ago. The peer-to-peer computer systems were recently replaced with new ones. Of course Linda called Cole; there was no reason to go anywhere else.

Terry knew what our system was, and had been telling us for a few years that we needed to upgrade,” Linda said. “We didn’t want to bring anyone else in, because they didn’t know what we needed or wanted.

Cole has been providing what’s known as “reactive, break-fix” service and support to the law firm. That means when something related to telephones or computers is not working, the legal staff call Cole to get it working.

“They figure out what’s wrong. That’s the whole difference,” said Linda. “That’s why I really depend on Terry, because he knows what he’s doing.”

Cole isn’t a one-man operation. Providing customized technology service to West and Middle TN – including Camden, McKenzie, Waverly, Jackson, Dickson, Huntingdon, and Paris – requires an expert team.

Not just him; the whole team are the best,” she said. “He and his crew – he wouldn’t hire anyone in his crew if they weren’t up to his standards. They’re all extremely friendly and helpful. We’re from the South, and that makes a difference. They’ve got the southern personality.”

Servicing the technology that greatly increases the productivity of a very busy legal practice is an important responsibility. Does calling a technician every time something goes wrong get expensive?

He doesn’t nickel-and-dime us,” Linda said. “We’re getting a good return on our investment.” While fewer than a dozen computers and telephones is critical to the law office workers, some IT service firms might say it doesn’t sound like much to maintain.

I know he deals with a lot of big companies, and I know we’re small time for him, yet he still treats us as a client,” said Linda. “If you need help, he’s definitely worth giving a call.”

Specializing in removing the hi-tech barriers for your staff and helping them operate efficiently, Cole Informatics is the premier IT services company in West Tennessee. Call 731.249.5700 or send us an email:

Terry is awesome! The best part is that he talks on my level where I can understand what is going on. Thanks so much for all your help.”

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