The Internets Know You!

Internet Facts
(according to me):

  1. You are always connected to the internet (even when you think you aren’t)
  2. Everything you do on a computer (see rule 1) is trackable and can be exploited by someone
  3. The entire universe is attempting to get YOUR information.  Always.

dont track it

The Statistical You

Your (and my) computer or other computing- or communication device is a literal extension of our individual personalities…what we like, and by default, what we don’t like.  Any other person or organization that knows either of these attributes of us can expoit them in a billion different ways if they choose to do so.  Most of the people I know don’t realize this or, if they do, it’s not top-of-mind.  As much as I’m exposed to this stuff (being in this profession), I still fall victim to it as well.  (“fall” may not be the right word…I volunteer for it by choosing to use sites like Google and Facebook just like you do!).

The Internet Is Not Our Friend!

While the only way to prevent the incessant collection and probable exploitation of mine and your tastes is to turn the sordid devices off altogether and never use one again. But, since that’s likely not to happen, I wanted to share with you this one simple website that can help you understand, in non-technical jargon, what’s happening and what you can actuallly do to reduce the tracking of everything that’s “you”!

Check out the website (please forgive them for the tacky subject matter) and scroll all the way down to the bottom (this is a 1 to 2 minute read, at the most!).  Along the way, you’ll see links to other referencs that validate or expound on the simple points made in the page…be sure to check them out if you have more time.

The website is created by a search engine company called (don’t ask me about the name!?!).  I’ve grown to really like this search engine as it helps insulate me (to some degree) from the junk that you’ll see in the dont-track-us page linked in the above paragraph.  This can replace your default search engines very easily.  If you need help, gives us a ring or email at

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