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Us: 1, TeleMarketers: 0

Having business telephone skills comes in handy (not me, our Telecom Manager Tony!). We use a very nice business phone system from ESI (if you have AT&T, we can almost pay for it out of savings…call me, we’ll do lunch. But I digress…) and have a simple recording that answers for all callers. It’s about 7 seconds long and when its done, many phones ring internally.

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I recently created a call-logging application for the ESI phone system so we can view historical calls on a simple internal web page. We began noticing that extension “0” (zero) was being called by odd caller IDs, mostly from out of state. Then we began noticing these calls were often where no one was there (or they weren’t talking). We finally determined these were telemarketers and “robo-callers” dialing our digits and hitting zero at the first prompt they came to (our 7-second greeting). The mentality (or strategy) is that the caller doesn’t care what is being said, they hit zero to get to a person faster.

Tony, our resident business phone guru, said “why don’t we just hang up on them?”. I said, why not! So he changed an option in the phone system to immediately hang up on anyone that hits zero at our 7 second greeting (again, after which a person will pick up anyway).

Having the right business tools (a good, scalable business phone system) and the knowledge to make it work for you always improves productivity!

All businesses have amazing tools (like the phone system or advanced computer and software resources), but lack the knowledge to make it work to solve business problems like this, or others problems you may not realize yet, cost real money, money that can go towards profits! That’s the value of engaging someone like Cole Informatics routinely…we see what you might not and can make your technology work for you!

If we can ever help, we’re always here to for a discussion!


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