Tony Newton

Terry and I have been friends for 10+ years. He contracted with my previous company, TM Telecommunications for projects over the years. (I’ve been in the telecom business over 20 years.) The conversation about Terry acquiring TM Telecommunications began about 2 years ago, and in April 2014 we were acquired by Cole Informatics. This was one of the accomplishments I’m most proud of.

The best thing about being at Cole is that I get to work with some outstanding people who share my passion creating solutions and finding opportunities in the IT and Telecom market. We excel at tailoring systems for businesses.

I strive to ensure our clients always feel like they get their money’s worth. I do this by keeping up with technology, and being on the cutting edge. And, I won’t stop working on a problem until it’s solved.

However, I do know when to call in a team member. During one particular installation, I was having difficulty with a firewall. I had some knowledge, but not enough. I reached out to one of our IT techs, and after about 30 minutes,the issue was resolved and everything was working as expected. I knew then that this was the reason I’m part of Cole Informatics. “It takes a team.”

Like others here at Cole, I love being involved with my church, seeing people’s lives change for the better, and knowing that I contributed. It’s very hard to stop talking about what God has done in my and my wife, Michelle’s life.—Just as I said about Cole, “It takes a team.”

“If I have to call them with an issue, they treat it seriously and respond quickly. We definitely are getting a good return on our investment with Cole. I can’t praise them enough.”

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