Why I’m not promoting the "Cloud"

Nothing in computing is that simple…EVER

I’ll try to make this short. No doubt you’ve heard of the cloud as it relates to technology. Here’s what the “Cloud” is: A marketing term.

Nothing new has been invented. The cloud is a new word for a “network connected service”. It represents you (the customer or user) being able to run or access an application (a software program) that is physically installed on something other than the device you’re using, like a server. The server (or group of servers) can be anywhere on the internet (including within your home or office).

The cloud is promoted and talked about ad nauseam. The buzz says if you’re not using the cloud you’re somehow losing (money, sleep, time, effort, lunch, the ballgame, whatever). That’s all horse pucky. There are benefits of using “cloud services”, but for 99.9% of the businesses that are reading this message right now, it’s only part of a solution.

Examples of Cloud Services (by no means comprehensive):

  • Google Gmail and Google Apps
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Dropbox
  • Salesforce
  • Facebook

The sample services above, at best, satisfy only a small part of what your business needs for it’s technology solution. To address the day-to-day requirements of your business office, small (like less than 5 employees) or large (like maybe 30 and over), the cloud, in most cases we’ve seen or read about, cannot cost effectively encapsulate your business needs 100%…it requires traditional ‘tech’ as well and that makes cloud-solutions even more complex (because now the “cloud” has to be securely tied to your in-house operations).

In summary, your entire operation will most likely NOT be able to run “in the cloud” without making significant changes (called “investments” or “expenses”) to how you do business. Would you get a return on that investment? Maybe, but when? Is there enough varied internet service providers to keep you connected to the internet 100% of the time and still save money on the change? Not in the rural America we serve as technology consultants.

When the circumstances are right, a properly integrated and deployed cloud-enabled solution *can* have a dramatic impact on your business operations and potentially your bottom line (either saving money or helping you make more of it). But it requires a consultative approach from someone that understands the potential challenges to help guide you through it for it to be successful without a lot of pain from trial and error.

SPECIAL NOTE: One specific, and easy to define, business technology that is 100% sure to help your business profits and operations is using the power of the internet for your business telephone services. Not technically “the cloud”, but close enough… If you’re still using AT&T for telephone services, you’re burning money. Period. If you want more detail on this, call me.

If you have a business need (or opportunity) and want to know, from practising technology professionals, if a cloud solution can fit it, please call or email us for assistance. As a company and service provider, this is where our real value lies (anyone can make a computer stop misbehaving…making them serve your business efficiently, well, that’s different!).

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